Rallying the farmer community to protect the delicate Nalsarovar wetlands.

The Nalsarovar Lake, heralded as the largest wetland and avian sanctuary in Gujarat faced a crisis. The factual reality of an environmental catastrophe in India became evident.

Substantive studies uncovered a distressing truth: the Nalsarovar Wetlands were in grave peril. Informed guidance underscored the imperative of establishing vegetative, well-maintained, and harvested wetland boundaries. Any discharge of wastewater into the lake could yield catastrophic consequences.

The menace of untreated water and pesticides posed a tangible threat to both human and animal life. Notably, the lake harboured over 250 avian species, including the iconic pink flamingoes, with their numbers dwindling precipitously.

While scientific consensus pinpointed the causal factors behind this situation, its trajectory spiralled into exponential deterioration. Yet, a pivotal inquiry emerged: How could this environmental treasure be salvaged?

In India, a conspicuous gap in communication divided the informed echelons from grassroots communities. Effectively conveying messages of influence often proved an intricate challenge.

To address this, our partners at WWF, in collaboration with Geer and Cohesion Foundation Trust (CFT), took the initiative to harness the potency of communication. Their focus rested on mobilizing a segment of the community endowed with the significant agency to safeguard the interests of farmer communities.

When Prosperfit was apprised of the predicament, we recognized the need to employ our expertise in localized content and storytelling to bridge the gap.

Leveraging insights gained through extensive research and content development, we created digital media in the local language, Gujarati. Through relatable stories derived from the everyday lives of farmers, we communicated the methods to preserve the wetlands.

The short story-based video encapsulated vital information, enlightening them about their pivotal role in wetland protection and the inseparable link between preservation and their own livelihoods. In this engaging yet informative manner, crucial knowledge was disseminated, leaving a lasting impact.

Watch the video here:

Hindi: https://vimeo.com/561274721/9419994ac8?share=copy

Gujarati: https://vimeo.com/582850195/6e8553cfa7?share=copy