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High-quality animated and non-animated videos, audio and graphical content, produced with technical and IP rigor and IP intellectual property.

From behavioral research and testing concepts, to creative production and measuring impact – it’s all in-house.

Prosperfit Originals

Prosperfit Originals

Ready library of video topics across developmental thematic areas.

Video production

Production as service

Fully customised to the audience type and program requirements.

Work samples


Financial Health model for the gig economy workers (English)

Dasra & Bill - Melinda Gates Foundation

Fecal sludge management initiative – P-OP process communication (English)

WWF – Nalsarovar Wetland conservation

Farmer Education on changing pesticide habits (Gujarati)


Mass entrepreneurship development initiative launch communication (Hindi)

Prosperfit Original content

Importance of COVID-19 vaccination (Marathi)

DBS Bank

SME Banking product introduction (English)

Reserve Bank of India

Financial literacy program MoneyWise (Sadari, a tribal Jharkhand dialect)


Importance of Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene and WASH loans (Hindi)


Microfinance center meeting process awareness (Assamese)

Prosperfit Original content

Preventing microfinance staff frauds (Telugu)


Rural banking & Tractor loan offerings communication (Hindi)


Micro-Credit awareness program (Hindi)

Prosperfit Original content

COVID-19 awareness & prevention (Oriya)

Prosperfit Original content

Importance of Credit score (Rajasthani)

Prosperfit Original content

Importance of washing hands – as COVID-19 awareness & prevention (Punjabi)